Invest your money into high yield savings accounts with low risk by opening a Certificate of Deposit.


Earn money without losing access to your funds with a Money Market account!


With traditional and ROTH options, we can help you save for your future!

Savings Made Easy With Metro Credit Union

A savings account with Metro Credit Union is not just a place to stash your money; it’s a gateway to financial stability, community support, and personalized service. A high yield savings account with Metro Credit Union boosts your financial health by putting your goals into focus. We have multiple high yield savings account options including a traditional savings account, a money market account, a Christmas Club savings account, and a Shared Certificate. Metro Credit Union high yield savings accounts offer personalized planning, cash back deals, savings rewards, and easy ways to save. Automatic transfers from checking accounts make it easy, and you can track your progress using our Metro Credit Union Online Banking App (Metro MOGO). Nickname each account according to your goal — car, house down payment, college, travel, holiday gifts — whatever! Stop living life paycheck to paycheck and invest in your future with a high yield savings account with Metro Credit Union.

Why Open a Savings Account?

Get a savings account at Metro Credit Union & earn more money than other accounts with a high yield savings account.

Emergency Fund

A money market account is a type of high yield savings account but with more flexibility than a traditional savings account.

Goal-Based Savings

A certificate of deposit or CD is a type of high yield savings account that earns interest over time & are safe investments.

Earn Interest

Practice Financial Discipline

Metro Credit Union Savings Accounts

Money Market

A money market account at Metro Credit Union combines features of high yield savings and checking accounts. They offer a higher interest rate and limited check-writing privileges with some withdrawal restrictions.

Share Certificate

A Share Certificate from Metro Credit Union is a document or electronic record issued by a company to its shareholders. A Share Certificate, much like a bank CD, serves as evidence of ownership of a specific number of shares in the company’s stock.

Christmas Club

Join Metro Credit Union Christmas Club and Get a Head Start on Saving for the Holidays!

Money Saving Tips

  • Set up automatic transfers to your savings account.
  • If your employer offers direct deposit, consider having a portion of your paycheck deposited directly into your savings account.
  • Regularly review your savings goals and account performance.
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Benefits Of Opening A Savings Account With Metro Credit Union

Community Connection

Metro Credit Union operates with a mission to serve their members and the Springfield community we belong to. By choosing a savings account with Metro Credit Union, you become part of a financial community dedicated to your financial success. The personalized service and community-focused approach set Metro Credit Union apart from traditional banks.

Competitive Rates and Low Fees

Metro Credit Union provides competitive interest rates on savings accounts, allowing your money to grow more efficiently than with a traditional bank. Additionally, Metro Credit Union typically offers lower fees, contributing to a more cost-effective banking experience.

Member Ownership

When you open a savings account with a Metro Credit Union, you become a member and part-owner of the institution. This member-centric structure means that decisions are made with your best interests in mind, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

Personalized Service

Metro Credit Union prioritizes building relationships with our members. The personalized service you receive when opening and managing a savings account can make a significant difference. Our staff will take the time to understand your financial goals and offer tailored solutions.

Open a Savings Account With Metro Credit Union

Ready to open a savings account? One of the standout features of Metro Credit Union is the accessibility and simplicity we offer when it comes to opening a savings account. Fill out the form below and a Metro Credit Union representative will be in touch shortly.