Money Market Account

Earn higher interest on your savings with a Metro Credit Union money market account

Save Money For Future Needs

Save more money for something that you’ll need it for in the coming years like a house, a new car, or even retirement

Access Your Money At Anytime

Have greater flexibility on your savings investment

Save money beyond your conventional savings account with a Money Market Account from Metro Credit Union! Easily grow your savings account through automatic transfers, direct deposit or individual deposits. Earn interest at a higher rate than a traditional savings account. Invest in your financial future with Metro Credit Union today!

What is a Money Market Account?

A Money Market account is a type of savings account that rewards you for growing your savings. It combines features of both savings and checking accounts. Compared to a conventional savings account, these accounts typically provide a higher interest rate than a regular savings account with limited check-writing capabilities. A higher minimum balance is generally required compared to a traditional savings account.

Benefits of a Money Market Account with Metro Credit Union

Opening a Money Market Account with Metro Credit Union can offer several advantages, depending on your financial goals and preferences.

A money market account will earn more interest than a traditional savings account which is why people invest money into it.

higher interest rates

Higher interest rates are a major advantage of this type of savings account compared to a traditional savings account. This allows your money to grow more quickly over time.

Money market accounts are considered secure investments & the first $250,000 is protected through the government agency NCUA.

safety and stability

These types of accounts are considered low-risk investments. Rest assured that the money you are saving will be Federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.

Money market accounts are flexible in accessing your money versus traditional savings accounts & you can write checks.


Some restrictions still apply but these accounts offer a higher degree of liquidity compared to other investment options. Additionally, you have access to your accounts at any time through our Metro Credit Union Mobile Banking App (Metro MOGO)

Writing checks is a big advantage that money market accounts have that traditional savings accounts do not.

check-writing privileges

Check-writing privileges is just one of the advantages that these accounts provide that traditional savings accounts do not.

A money market account helps to diversify your savings portfolio allowing another avenue to earn money.


Add a layer of diversification to your savings portfolio. While not as high-risk as some investments, it can offer better returns compared to a regular savings account.

Metro Credit Union Money Market Account Perks


Minimum Opening Deposit

Interest Paid
Minimum Balance $2,500 monthly minimum balance must be maintained to earn dividends
Monthly Service Charge $10 Monthly fee if balance falls below minimum of $2,500
Check Writing Privileges Check writing capabilities

Limit of 6 transactions per month free of charge

Free 24 hr online/telephone banking access

Statement Options


Paper Statement ($$)

Open a Money Market Account

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