This is more than just a checking account. Get unlimited cash back, accidental savings, digelopes, and more.


Online banking with Evolve comes with many perks such as debit card on/off, activity tracker, money round-up and more!


Enjoy accidental savings and round-up dollars with Evolve.


Finally, a checking account that has everything, makes saving simple, rewards you and evolves with you over time.

We even make it easy to open a checking account online and instantly issue debit cards in our local branches. See below for more details.

Get cashback on your purchases by using your Evolve Checking debit card from Metro Credit Union in Springfield, MO.

Unlimited Cashback

It is pretty nice to get something back after the bills pile up over a long month.  Stretch your spending power with our unlimited cashback checking account.  No minimum balances & no minimum number of swipes.  Just spend at least $500 in a month, and start earning cashback.  You will earn 1.00% on all Evolve checking account purchases from $500 to $1,000 during a month.  You will continue to earn 0.25% cashback on Evolve checking account purchases over $1,000 during a given month.

Turn your Evolve Checking debit card on or off through the Metro Credit Union mobile app in case your debit card is lost.

Debit Card On/Off

Lost or misplaced your debit card?
Switch you card off and turn it back on from the palm of your hand with Metro Credit Union’s MOGO Mobile Banking app!

Monitor your spending habits from month to month with the Debit Activity Tracker on your Evolve Checking account.

Debit Activity Tracker

Metro Credit Union’s Debit Activity Tracker allows you to monitor your spending habits and see where your checking account purchases are trending. Get a month-by-month breakdown of your expenditures, decline unknown transactions and even manage travel plans for when you’re spending on the go!

Evolve Checking is a checking account / debit card from Metro Credit Union full of features to make banking & saving easier.
Evolve Checking is designed to be used on our mobile app so you can bank from anywhere instead of inside the credit union.
Have the cashback you earn on your Evolve Checking account automatically deposited into an Accidental Savings account.

Accidental Savings

Sometimes it is just too difficult to plan out your savings. We get it. Your cashback rewards from your Evolve checking account will be deposited directly to your Accidental Savings, along with all “change” from debit card transactions, which are rounded-up to the nearest dollar. Each quarter, Metro Credit Union will declare a special enhanced rate for this account. Another amazing banking service from Metro Credit Union.

Digalope is a feature with the Evolve Checking account that allows you to put money into envelopes for specific uses.

Digelope™ Management

A Digelope™ is unique to Metro Credit union. It is a cash management system that provides you access to “digital envelopes.” All Evolve checking accounts are set up with 3 Digelope™: Live, Save, and Give. You have the freedom to manage how much and when you transfer to each of these accounts. Whether you prefer giving to charities, going on vacations, or keeping money back for a special occasion. Evolve checking makes it simple.

Evolve Checking from Metro Credit Union allows you to round up your purchases & put that money into a savings account.

RoundUp On/Off

Metro Credit Union now offers roundup on all your checking account transactions! Roundup, when turned on, will round up every transaction to the nearest dollar, take the remaining change and add it to your savings account!

Checking Accounts

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