Metro Credit Union Christmas Club

Avoid financial stress associated with holiday shopping and related expenses with a Christmas Club account.

Holiday Savings Made Easier

Deposit a select portion of your paycheck each month into a Christmas Club account and be financially prepared the holidays.

Embracing The Magic of Christmas with Metro Credit Union

A Christmas Club account, sometimes referred to as a Holiday Club Account, is a specialized savings account specifically designed to help individuals set money aside for holiday expenses. Unlike traditional savings accounts, these accounts have a specific purpose: to save for the holiday season. A Metro Credit Union Christmas Club account ensures that the magic of Christmas doesn’t come with a hefty financial burden.

Understanding Christmas Club Accounts

Christmas Club accounts encourage our members to deposit money regularly throughout the year, accumulating funds that become available for withdrawal just before the holiday season kicks off. Members of Metro Credit Union can opt to open one of these holiday savings accounts and often with minimal opening deposits. Once the account is established, you will have the flexibility to make regular deposits according to your budget and financial capabilities.

One of the key features of this account is that we typically restrict withdrawals until a specific date. The date of withdrawal for our Christmas Club account is in October. This helps you refrain from dipping into the holiday savings prematurely and ensures that the funds are available when you need it most.

Benefits of Christmas Club Accounts

There are numerous benefits to a Christmas Club Account from Metro Credit Union including:

disciplined saving

By setting aside a fixed amount regularly, members cultivate a disciplined savings habit. It helps avoid the stress of scrambling for funds during the holiday rush.

interest and earnings

Generally, savings accounts accrue interest, allowing members to grow their savings over time. While interest rates may vary, these accounts generally offer competitive rates compared to standard savings accounts.

budgeting aid

Planning ahead with a holiday savings account assists in creating a dedicated budget for holiday expenses, whether it’s gifts, travel, decorations, or festive meals.

avoiding debt

By saving gradually throughout the year, individuals can reduce the reliance on credit cards or loans during the holidays, thereby avoiding accumulating debt.

Christmas Club Perks With Metro Credit Union

A Metro Credit Union Christmas Club savings account is a great way to set
aside spending money for the holidays. We have a combination of perks you
won’t find anywhere else.

● Automatic Payroll Deduction
● No Minimum Balance Required
● Withdrawals Not Limited (but are subject to $10 fee prior to maturity)
● Automatic Disbursal of Funds Each October
● Federally Insured Up To $250,000 By The NCUA

Join the Christmas Club

Want to join the Christmas Club at Metro Credit Union? We’d love to have you. Joining the festivities and opening one of these savings accounts at Metro Credit Union is a straightforward process. Simply fill out this form with the message that you would like to open a Christmas Club Account.

A Metro Credit Union representative will be in touch with you shortly. Note that individuals need to be members of Metro Credit Union.

Christmas Club Accounts

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