Hello, fellow members!

We want to inform you of a new product ~ xenon! This product is a checking account tailored for the youth. Teach your child or teen how to invest in their future by opening a xenon youth account. xenon is specific to Metro CU and offers an array of perks that will make youth banking a breeze.

xenon is simple and effective. Learn about the benefits below! Contact us through our website to learn more and start setting up the account.


  1. Low balance
  2. Large transaction
  3. Deposit
  4. Requested funds


  1. Guardian can setup recurring allowance

Request Funds

  1. Youth can request additional funds and guardian can approve through the app.

Card Features

  1. On/Off feature
  2. Set daily spending limit
  3. Instant issuance


  1. Round up (on/off)
  2. Accidental savings
  3. Set savings goal
  4. Set savings transfer

Cash Back

  1. 2% back up to $4



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