As the economic landscape continues to evolve, consumers are keeping a close eye on auto loan rates. More and more, Americans are opting for extended auto loans lasting 84 months or more to facilitate their acquisition of desired vehicles. However, a more advantageous approach involves minimizing interest costs on your auto loan, ultimately resulting in lower overall expenses for the same vehicle. There are various strategies to achieve this, such as improving your credit score, choosing the best credit union, decreasing your leasing term, and more. 


Why Are Auto Loan Rates Going Up

In recent times, the question on many minds is whether auto loan rates are going down. But to answer that question, first we have to understand why auto loan rates are going up. 


Started With COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through global economies, prompting unprecedented responses from governments and financial institutions. The automotive industry was not immune, with disruptions in the supply chain and decreased consumer confidence leading to a tightening of lending practices. 



Inflationary pressures have been a driving force behind the surge in auto loan rates. As prices rise across various sectors, lenders may increase interest rates to maintain profitability and account for the diminishing purchasing power of money.


Banking Crisis

Periodic financial crises can have a cascading effect on interest rates. If banks face challenges, they may become more risk-averse, leading to higher auto loan interest rates for borrowers.


Are Auto Loan Rates Expected To Drop This Year?

In simple terms, interest rates are not expected to drop this year, primarily due to the ongoing efforts of the Federal Reserve to curb inflation. However, the crystal ball for predicting economic trends is notoriously cloudy, and it’s not just higher interest rates making car loans more expensive. According to experts, the simultaneous increase in vehicle prices plays a significant role. Some experts, though, suggest cautious optimism. As the world recovers from the pandemic, inflation, and supply chain issues are gradually resolved, there’s potential for a stabilization in auto loan rates. Keep in mind that external factors like geopolitical events and further economic disruptions can quickly alter this trajectory.


Ways To Get A Better Auto Loan Rate

Interest rates for both new and used vehicles have been steadily climbing since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. So, the burning question is: How can I get a better auto loan rate? The answer depends on your needs. If your current vehicle serves its purpose, sticking with it might be a wise move. However, if you need a new vehicle, be prepared to shell out more money for car financing, especially if you have poor credit.


Improve Your Credit Score

Due to the interest rate increases since early 2022, those with poor credit are hit the hardest. Borrowers in the deep subprime category (300 to 500 credit score) can expect interest rates exceeding 14% for new cars and over 21% for used cars, according to Experian’s first-quarter 2023 averages. Unlike those with strong credit, individuals with poor credit lack the leverage to secure the best interest rates. Your credit score is a key determinant in the interest rate you’ll be offered. Taking steps to improve your creditworthiness, such as paying bills on time and reducing outstanding debt, can positively impact your auto loan interest rate. Ensuring your credit is in excellent condition is the best way to secure a competitive edge in auto loan financing.


Make A Larger Down Payment

A larger down payment can demonstrate financial stability to lenders, potentially leading to a lower loan interest rate. It also reduces the amount you need to finance, decreasing the overall interest paid over the life of the loan.


Consider An Electric Vehicle 

Additionally, you might consider driving an EV. Electric vehicles may not only benefit the environment but also save you money, thanks to incentives. As EVs become more obtainable and financial incentives and tax breaks become harder to get, car buyers should consider green auto loans. While green auto loans are much like a regular car loan, a green auto loan may offer better rates or a longer term as long as you buy an environmentally-friendly car.


Shorten The Duration Of Your Loan

Opting for a shorter auto loan term may result in a higher monthly payment, but it can save you money in interest over the life of the loan. Lenders often offer lower interest rates for shorter loan durations. Lock in the expected rate you wish to pay, and if possible, apply for loan pre-approval to know exactly what you’ll be paying each month.


Negotiate With Dealerships

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the terms of your auto loan with the dealership. Compare auto loan interest rates from multiple lenders to leverage a better deal. Even though most lenders offer similar interest rates, shopping around can help you find the best deal and save on additional fees.


Choose A Credit Union Instead Of A Bank

Credit unions, being not-for-profit organizations, often offer more competitive rates compared to traditional banks. They may also be more flexible in working with borrowers.


Choose Metro Credit Union For Your Next Auto Loan

While the current economic landscape has seen auto loan rates on the rise, there’s hope for a shift in the coming months. By understanding the factors influencing these rates and implementing strategies to secure a better deal, consumers can navigate the financial currents and drive away with a favorable auto loan. Choosing a reputable credit union can be a smart move in achieving this goal. When exploring credit union options, Metro Credit Union stands out as a reliable choice. With a commitment to community and member-focused financial services, Metro Credit Union offers competitive car loan rates, personalized service, and a range of products to meet your financial needs. Reach out to Metro Credit Union for your next auto loan.


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