Own A Home With A Conventional Home Loan

A conventional home loan from Metro Credit Union will help you achieve the dream of owning a home

Low Interest Rates On Home Loans

Metro Credit Union is proud to offer some of the lowest home loan interest rates in all of Springfield

Make Home Ownership A Reality

Our conventional home loan specialists work hard for you so that you can own the home your are desiring

Conventional Home Loans With Metro Credit Union

Secure a roof over your head with a conventional home loan from Metro Credit Union. We offer competitive interest rates and flexible down payment options to make investing in a home within reach for you.

What Is A Conventional Home Loan

Conventional home loans are loans that are not directly insured by a government program. Conventional home loans help buyers spread the large cost of a home over many years, allowing them to pay it off over time. There are certain requirements that must be met before you can borrow money like a minimum credit score and an acceptable debt-to-income ratio. Metro Credit Union has a helpful team that will work with you to find the perfect down payment and interest rate for your budget.

Getting a conventional home loan from Metro Credit Union in Springfield MO will help you in the process of owning a home.

Benefits of a Conventional Home Loan with Metro Credit Union

Conventional Home Loans can be faster to obtain when compared to government insured loans, sometimes with less paperwork too! You can also bypass the lengthy FHA inspection process by getting a home loan from Metro Credit Union. With conventional home loans, you can also expect to find many different options including a range of term lengths, interest rates, and down payments.

A huge benefit of getting a home loan from Metro Credit Union are the low interest rates we can offer versus banks.

low interest rates

Metro Credit Union offers some of the most competitive home loan interest rates within the market.

Different home loans required different down payments & our home loan specialists will work with you on your down payment.

flexible down payment options

We know that buying a home is a very big investment. That’s why we offer flexible down payment options to fit most budgets.

Metro Credit Union has the ability to loan you up to 1.5 million dollars towards your new home, upon approved credit.

generous loan amounts

At Metro Credit Union we provide conventional home loans for investments into a variety of home types and sizes. We offer loans of up to $1.5 million.

The home loan team at Metro Credit Union is very experienced in completing all the required paperwork for your home loan.

experienced personnel

Our team is dedicated to finding the best home loan for you. Our team keeps you well informed every step of the way to ensure that you can confidently invest in a home.

When you get a conventional home loan from Metro Credit Union, you can manage your home loan online or from your phone.

online access

Metro Credit Union uses the National Credit Union Association portal to provide you with the ability to keep track of your home loan.

Why Choose Metro Credit Union For A Conventional Home Loan

At Metro Credit Union, we offer conventional home loans up to $1.5 million. Our dedicated team of home loan experts are dedicated to ensuring that the process of obtaining your conventional home loan is simple & easy. The terms of our home loans are flexible and we assist you in finding the perfect down payment and loan term length to fit your life goals and budget. Members at Metro Credit Union rate us as the most trustworthy credit union in Springfield because our focus is helping our members first. Additional reasons include:

Community Connection

Metro Credit Union operates with a mission to serve their members and the Springfield community we belong to. By choosing to get a conventional home loan with Metro Credit Union, you become part of a financial community dedicated to your financial success. The personalized service and community-focused approach set Metro Credit Union apart from traditional banks.

Competitive Rates and Low Fees

Metro Credit Union provides competitive interest rates on conventional home loans. This allows you to save more money on your home loan versus getting a typical conventional home loan from a traditional bank. Additionally, Metro Credit Union typically offers lower fees, contributing to a more cost-effective loan experience.

Member Ownership

When you receive a conventional home loan with a Metro Credit Union, you become a member and part-owner of the institution. This member-centric structure means that decisions are made with your best interests in mind, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

Personalized Service

Metro Credit Union prioritizes building relationships with our members. The personalized service you receive when opening and managing a conventional home loan can make a significant difference. Our staff will take the time to understand your financial goals and offer tailored solutions.

Open a Conventional Home Loan

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