Upgrade Your Home With A Cash Out Refinance

A cash out refinance from Metro Credit Union can help you remodel, repair, or expand your home!

Consolidate High Interest Bills

A cash out refinance can help consolidate your high interest credit cards & other bills into one low interest payment. Contact Metro Credit Union for more details.

Use Your Home's Equity For New Purchases

Looking to buy a car, a second property, or have another large purchase coming up? A cash out refinance can help make that purchase easier.

Cash Out Refinance with Metro Credit Union

Convert your home’s equity into cash and secure a new mortgage at the same time with a cash out refinance loan from Metro Credit Union.

What Is A Cash Out Refinance Loan

A cash out refinance is a fast and easy way to turn your home’s equity into cash. The equity value of your home is calculated by the amount of your existing mortgage you have already paid off. If the value of your home has increased, that will also affect the equity in your home. A cash out refinance allows you to get that money back as cash. You will then be able to set up a new mortgage to pay off the remaining balance over time.

A cash out refinance from Metro Credit Union provides you funds from your home's equity to you can remodel your home & more.

Benefits of a Cash Out Refinance With Metro Credit Union

A Cash Out Refinance loan offers several key benefits, including access to substantial cash for home improvements, debt consolidation, or other significant expenses. This type of loan also provides a flexible use of funds and may offer tax advantages due to mortgage interest deductions. Choosing a cash out refinance with Metro Credit Union is a smart decision that offers many benefits for a wide variety of financial goals.

A cash out refi generally has lower interest rates than a second mortgage from a bank making this type of loan very popular.

low interest rates

Metro Credit Union offers some of the most competitive interest rates in Springfield. Our team is dedicated to helping find the best rate for your financial situation.

A cash refinance of your home loan & home equity puts more money into your pocket so you can buy the things you need.

quick turnaround

If you need cash in a short amount of time, a cash out refinance with Metro Credit Union can be a great option. We have a streamlined and efficient process that will allow you to find a new mortgage and receive funds in no time.

If you need money to upgrade your home or a big purchase, then consider a refinance and cash out option on your home equity.

low closing costs

Our cash out refinance process is not only quick, but we worked to keep closing costs to a minimum. This allows you to get more cash out of your existing mortgage, and get a great deal on your new mortgage as well.

Choosing a cash refi on your home equity is a smart move because you can use your equity towards additional purchases.

experienced personnel

Our highly trained and seasoned team of financial experts will be there every step of the way to make sure you stay well informed and keep things moving at a reasonable pace. We want to make a cash out refinance as easy and transparent as possible.

A money out refinance will allow you to use the equity in your home for remodeling, major purchases, & more at low rates.

online access

Metro Credit Union uses the National Credit Union Association portal to provide you with the ability to keep track of your cash out refinance loan.

Why Choose Metro Credit Union For A Cash Out Refinance

At Metro Credit Union, our team of professionals works to get you your payment as quickly and stress free as possible. We also offer competitive interest rates and low closing costs on your new mortgage. Additional reasons include:

Community Connection

Metro Credit Union operates with a mission to serve their members and the Springfield community we belong to. By choosing to get a cash out refinance loan with Metro Credit Union, you become part of a financial community dedicated to your financial success. The personalized service and community-focused approach set Metro Credit Union apart from traditional banks.

Competitive Rates and Low Fees

Metro Credit Union provides competitive interest rates on cash out refinance loans. This allows you to save more money on your cash out refinance versus getting a typical second mortgage from a traditional bank. Additionally, Metro Credit Union typically offers lower fees, contributing to a more cost-effective loan experience.

Member Ownership

When you receive a cash out refinance with a Metro Credit Union, you become a member and part-owner of the institution. This member-centric structure means that decisions are made with your best interests in mind, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

Personalized Service

Metro Credit Union prioritizes building relationships with our members. The personalized service you receive when opening and managing a cash out refinance can make a significant difference. Our staff will take the time to understand your financial goals and offer tailored solutions.

Get A Cash Out Refinance Today

Are you looking to turn your home’s equity into cash that you can use from anything from home upgrades to a new car? Fill out this form stating that you are interested in a cash out refinance, and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.